April 12, 1985 Game 31: Blue Jays (1-2) at Orioles (1-1)

It was a wild one in Baltimore today. The offenses brought out the lumber today and there were balls flying all over Memorial Stadium. The Blue Jays sent Jimmy Key to face Scott McGregor.

The Blue Jays scored 6 in the 3rd off of McGregor. Iorg would single and Tony Fernandez would double putting runners on 2nd and 3rd. A Lenn Sakata error would score Iorg, Bell would walk to load the bases. Barfield would single scoring Fernandez. Burroughs would single scoring Garcia. Upshaw would double scoring Bell and Barfield, Martinez would groundout to Sakata scoring Burroughs. The Orioles would answer back with on on a MIke Young solo homer and at the end of the 3rd it was 6-1 Blue Jays.

The Orioles would cut the lead to 2 in the 6th. Ripken would hit a deep fly ball to left that would score Dempsey and Eddie Murray would hit a 2-run homer his 2nd HR of the season and at the end of 6 it was 6-4 Blue Jays.

McGregor would not return for the 7th and his line looked a little rough he 6 innings gave up 6 runs on 7 hits walk 1 and struckout 3. The orioles would bring in Tippy Martinez and he would give up a run in the 7th. Garcia would single and steal 2nd then score on a Barfield single. Making the score at the end of 7, 7-4 Blue Jays.

The Orioles would get to Key in the 8th by by scoring 2 more and sending him to the showers after 7.1. The Blue Jays would bring in Gary Lavelle and the Orioles would score 1 of him to tie the game. A bases loaded walk to Lynn would score Ripken, an Error on Garcia would score Murray and Connally would single scoring Roenicke and the game was now 8-8.

Earl Weaver would bring in Nate Snell in the 10th and the Jays would tee off on him, They would score 4 off of him and Snell would be removed after only getting one out. The big blow would come with a Moseby bases loaded triple and put the Blue Jays up 12-7. Tom Henke would come in for the Jays and give up a solo bomb to Fred Lynn his second of the year and that would be all for the O's.

The Final Score 12-8 Blue Jays