About Me

My name is Todd Crane and I started playing playing Strat in 1987.  My father gave it to me for my 14th birthday and fell in love with it right away.  The First game I ever played was the 1961 Detroit Tigers vs The 1986 Minnesota Twins.  The Tigers won 5-1.  I play those same two teams ever year on my birthday.

I have played two custom league replays with the 27 Yankees winning both titles.  The first year they beat the 34 Cardinals 4-2 and the 2nd year they beat the 62 Giants 4-1.  I have also played 2 replays on the computer I played the 49 season which saw the Brooklyn Dodgers beat the Boston Red Sox 4-3.  I also did the 1950 season and The Yankees defeated the Boston Braves 4-2.

This time around I thought I would play a whole season with cards and dice.  I choose the 85 season as that is the year I really started paying attention to other teams outside of the Detroit Tigers.

I am following as closely as I can to the actual lineups and rotation for this one.  I hope you enjoy reading about this project as much as I will enjoy playing it.

Thank you