April 20, 1985 Game 124: Cubs (4-5) at Expos (4-5)

The Cubs and Expos are playing the 2nd of three.  The Expos won the first game 5-4 and would send Bill Gullickson to the mound to face Steve Trout who has had issues getting people out.

The Cubs get 2 in the 1st off of Gullickson.  Dernier singles and steals 2nd Sandberg triples scoring Dernier.  Lopes then rips a 2-out double and Sandberg scores and it's 2-0 Cubs.  The Expos take the lead in the 4th when Wallach hits a 3 run homer off Trout and it's 3-2 Expos.

The Cubs tie it up in the 5th when Trout reaches on a Wallach error.  Dernier singles and Trout holds at 2nd. Sandberg singles and Trout scores and it's 3-3.  The Expos take the lead in the 6th. Law get a lead-off walk, Brooks singles with 1 out amd Law holds at 2nd.  Wallach singles and Law scores and Brookes holds at 3rd.  Wohlford then hits a SACFLY to Dernier and the score is 5-3.

Thats were the scoring will end and Reardon comes in and earns his 3rd save.

The Final Score 5-3 Expos