May 14, 1985 Game 382: Royals (15-14) at Orioles (10-19)

It's a great day for baseball here at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore as the Orioles take on the Royals.  Scott McGregor gets the start for the Orioles and Danny Jackson for the Royals.

The Royals take the early lead in the 2nd.  Smith and Moreno single, Sundberg singles and Smith is thrown out at the plate by Shelby.  Concepcion singles scoring Moreno, and then Wilson doubles scoring Sundberg and the Royals are 2-0.

In the 5th the Orioles make it a 2-1 game when Shelby triples and would score on Wiggins's SACFLY to Wilson.  In the 7th the Orioles take the lead when with runners on 1st and 2nd Lacy doubles scoring Wiggins.  A walk to Gross loads the bases and then Ripken walks to force home Rayford at it is a 3-2 Orioles lead.

But the Royals comeback in the 8th.  Brett and Balboni single.  Then Motley singles scoring Brett.  Iorg then hits a SACFLY to right and Balboni scores and the Royals have a 4-3 lead.  Quisenberry pitches the 9th and gets them to go down 1-2-3 and picks up his 7th save.

The Final Score 4-3 Royals