May 18, 1985 Game 440: Orioles (12-21) at Mariners (14-20)

A 7 run 3rd inning did all the damage for the Mariners as they would go on to win 9-6 against the Orioles.  They were led by Dave Henderson who went 2-4 with a HR (4) and 4 RBI.  His 3 run homer off of Mike Boddicker (0-5) in the 3rd gave the Mariners a 7-1 lead and sent Bodddicker to the showers.  Matt Young (3-3) picks up the win and Frank Willis gets his 1st save.

Lee Lacy hit a grand slam (3) in the 4th to pull the Orioles within a run, but Frank Willis was able to shut them down from the 6th on.

The Final Score 9-6 Mariners