May 21, 1985 Game 468: Red Sox (23-14) at Twins (17-21)

The Twins finally get a good start out of John Butcher.  He would pitch 7.2 innings, scattering 9 hits and giving up 3 runs.  He was aided by 5 doubleplays.  He is now (2-7) on the season.  Bob Ojeda wasn't as lucky.  He gave up a 2-out 2 run homer to Brunansky and a 2-out triple to Kent Hrbek that would score a run.  Ojeda is now (1-3).

Kent Hrbek went 2-3 with a 3B and an RBI.  Tom Brunansky went 1-4 with a HR (11) and 2 RBI.  Ojeda struck out Kirby Puckett 4 times and Puckett committed a huge error that almost cost his team the game.  Wade Boggs went 3-4 for the Red Sox.

The Final Score 4-3 Twins