August 20, 1985: Reds (65-54) at Pirates (52-66)

The Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates locked up in an exciting one-run game at Forbes Field. The final score was the Cincinnati Reds 7, the Pittsburgh Pirates 6. 

Cincinnati took the lead for keeps in the 4th inning plating one baserunner on 2 hits. Pittsburgh made it exciting in the 9th, but they were unable to push the needed runs across. 

The victory went to John Stuper(12-6) who went 5 and 1/3 innings, allowing 3 runs. Lee Tunnell(2-11) was the loser. 'You have to give Pittsburgh credit, they fought us tough to the end' Pete Rose said. 'It could have gone either way, but I'm glad we pulled out the victory.'