April 13, 1985 Game 51: Twins (3-1) at Mariners (2-2)

Bert Blyleven would make his first start of the season for the Twins and some were wondering why the Twins were waiting until the 5th day to start the man that some consider the ace of the staff. Jim Beattie would start for the Mariners and early would look like my paperboy. The only thing that he didn't hit was my garage window.

The Twins would get 2 in the 1st. A brunansky single would score Meier, and Gaetti would single scoring Hrbek. 2-0 Twins. THey would get 3 in the 3rd when Stenhouse would draw a bases loadedc walk would score Meier. Gaettti would hit into a 3-1 FC that would score Hrbek. Then a Kearney Passed Ball would Score Brunansky. 5-0 Twins. They would add 1 more in the 5th when Kearney commits a two base error that would allow Stenhouse to score and it would be 6-0 Twins.

The Twins were in control of this Blyleven was perfect through 5. But the Mariners finally figured him out in the 6th. A double by Kearney would score Presley. A Laudner error would on a Owen stolen base scores Kearney and Owen would move over to third.and a Reynolds single would score Owen. Making it 6-3 Twins. The would come within a run in the 7th. Kearney would single scoring Henderson and an Owen single would score Cowens and it's now 6-5 Twins

Davis would pitch the 9th and get his 3rd save.

The Final Score 6-5 Twins