April 13, 1985 Game 52 Cardinals (2-1) at Pirates (2-1)

Runs were a plenty at Three Rivers today, as the Cardinals took on the Pirates. Danny Cox started for the Cardinals and Lee Tunnell for the Pirates. Tunnell was solid until he ran into trouble in the 8th.

THe Cards got 1 in the 1st when McGee would hit a solo shot off of Tunnell. THe Pirates would answer back in the bottom half. Brown would single and Morrison would score. Game tied at 1.

In the 2nd Cox would hit a SAC FLY to center that would score Porter and the Cardinals would take a 2-1 lead. The Pirates would regain the lead in the 3rd. Brown would double scoring Morrison, Pena would single scoring Thompson, Reynolds would single scoring Brown and its now 4-2 Pirates.

The PIrates add 2 more in the 4th. Thompson would double scoring Morrison, Reynolds would hit into a 5-4 FC scores Thompson. It's now 6-2 Pirates. In the 5th Van Slyke would single scoring Coleman and its now 6-3 Pirates.

The Pirates would pad their lead in the 6 with a Pena 2-R homer to make the score 8-3 and 1 more in the 7th. Morrison would hit into a 3-1 groundout that would score Wynne. THe cardinal would get to Tunnell in the 8th, Herr would hit a 2 run homer and Clark would Triple scoring McGee and the score is 9-6. Candelaria would finish out the 9th to get his 1st save.

The Cardinals would steal 6 bases on the night.

The Final Score 9-6 Pirates