April 15, 1985 Game 60: Royals (2-2) at Tigers (3-1)
Todays game would feature Dan Petry vs Bret Saberhagen. Petry was looking for his second win and Saberhagen was making his first start of the year.

The Royals would get on the board first with a 2-out 3-run homer in the 1st by Motley. They would get another run in the 2nd when a Concepcion single would score Sunberg and the Royals are up 4-0.

The Tigers would get a run in the 3rd on a Trammell single would score Whitaker. In the 4th Concepcion would put the Royals up 5-1 with a 6-4 FC that would score Balboni. Then Moreno would single and White would score and it's now 6-1.

In the 8th White would homer making it 7-1. The Tigers would get 2 in the 9th, Evans would single scoring Parrish. Herndon would single scoring Grubb and it is now 7-3. That would knock Saberhagen from the game. Quisenberry would come in and get the final 2 outs.

The Final Score 7-3 Royals