April 15, 1985 Game 71: Mariners (2-4) at Athletics (2-4)

The 1st  of 3 at the Coliseum today The A's will host the Mariners.  Bill Krueger heads to the mound for the A's and Mark Langston for the Mariners.  Langston struggled in his first start and was looking to rebound.

The A's would score in the 2nd when Hill would single scoring Baker and the score 1-0 A's.  The Mariners would tie it up in the 3rd when Krueger would walk Davis with the bases loaded would force Kearney home.

In the 6th the A's would take the lead when Baker would single scores Murphy and Heath would hit a SAC FLY to Murphy and that would score Kingman and it's now 3-1.  In the 7th The Mariners would take the lead when Bradley would take Krueger deep for a 3 run homer to make it 4-3.  The A's would take the lead again on a Kingman 3 run Home Run and it is now 6-4.

The Mariners score 2 and it is now 6-6.  Presley would single and that would score Cowens.  Perconte would single with the bases loaded and that would score Presley.  In the bottom half of the inning the A's would break the game wide open and put the game out of reach. Griffin would single scoring Davis, Kingman would single scoring Griffin and Collins, with the bases loaded a walk to Heath would score Murphy.  Davis would then step up and hit a grand slam to make it 14-6.

Kingman would go 2-4 with HR and 5 RBI

The Final Score is 14-6 Athletics