April 16, 1985 Game 77: Reds (3-3) at Braves (2-4)

Mario Soto would make his 3rd start of the season for the Reds and Len Barker would get the start for the Braves. 

In the 1st the Reds would get to Barker.  Bell would hit a 2 run homer and its 2-0 Reds. In the 2nd Soto would make it 3-0 on a single that would score Oester.  In the 5th they would make it 4-0 when Zuvella can't handle a groundball that would score Bell.  THe Braves would answer back in the 5th when Zuvella would bounce into a 4-6 fielders choice that would score Hubbard and it's 4-1 Reds.

In the 6th Davis would crush a 2 run bomb and the Reds now lead 6-1.  In the bottom of the 6th the Braves would cut the lead in half, a Soto wild pitch would score Horner, and then a Barker single would score Hubbard.  In the 9th a Esasky SACFLY scores Parker and its 7-3 Reds.

The Final Score 7-3 Reds