April 16, 1985 Game 76: Orioles (1-4) at Indians (1-4)

The big bats came out today at Muncipal Stadium.  Pitchers forgot how to get people out and 26 runs were scored.  Dennis Martinez would get the start and Vern Ruhle would start for the Indians.

The Orioles would get 2 in the 1st on two solo Home Runs.  Gross would hit one and Rayford would get the other. In the 3rd Lacy would hit another one to make it 3-0 Orioles.  The Indians would get 1 in the 2nd when Vukovich would double and that would score Tabler.

The Orioles would get 4 in the 3rd.  Rayford singles and Gross would score.  Sheets would single and Ripken and Rayford would score. Dauer would hit SACFLY to left and Lacy score and its now 7-1 Orioles.  In the bottom half of the inning the indians would get 2 to make it 7-3.  A Butler double scores Bernazard.  Hall hits a deep a flyball to center and Butler scores.

The Indians fought hard and they would get 5 in the 5th.  Vukovich would hit a 2 run Homer.  Willard single scores Hargrove and Jacoby.  Franco would single and Willard would score and it 8-7.  The Indians would break the game open in the 6th.  Jacoby would hit a Grand Slam to make it 12-7.  Franco singles and Willard scores.  Tabler singles and Butler scores and it is now 14-7

The Indians would score one more in the 7th to make 15-7 on a Hargrove Home Run.  The Orioles would fight back but it just wouldn't be enough.  They would get one in the 8th on a Dauer double that would score Lacy and then 3 in the 9th to make it 15-11. Sheets singles to score Lynn, Dauer singles to score Lacy and a Young single score Sheets.

The Final Score 15-11 Indians