April 16, 1985 Game 79: Phillies (5-1) at Cubs (2-4)

Game 2 of a 3 game set and the Cubs were looking to even things up.  They would start Dennis Eckersley and the The Phillies would start Jerry Koosman.

Samuel would lace a one out double and would score on a Hayes single and it's 1-0 Phillies.  Hayes would steal 2nd, Schmidt would single and Hayes would score and now it's 2-0 Phillies.  IN the bottom of the 1st the Cubs would answer back.  Bosely would get a leadoff single, next up Sandberg would single and Bosely would be cut down at 3rd on a great throw by Hayes.  Matthews would draw a walk,  Moreland would hit a 3-run Homer and it's 3-2 Cubs.

In the 3rd Lopes would hit a 2 run homer off of Koosman and it is now 5-2 Cubs.  The Phillies would get 1 in the 4th on a Virgil solo Homer to make in 5-3.  In the 4th the Cubs would put this one out of reach.  Dunston would leadoff with a double and score on an Eckersley single 6-3 Cubs.  Matthews would connect on a 2-out single and Eck would hold on 2nd.  Lopes would then double and Eckersley would score to make it 7-3.

In the 6th Hayes would hit a Home Run off of Eckersley and its 7-4.  In the 7th Matthews would draw a walk and then hold at 3rd on a 2 base error by Wilson.  Cey would hit a SACFLY to left to make it 8-4.  Sorenson would pitch the 9th to close it out.

The Final Score 8-4 Cubs