April 17, 1985 Game 88: Red (4-3) at Braves (2-5)

The final game of a 3 game set and so for the Reds have dominated. Today they would send Tom Browning to the mound to square off against Steve Bedrosian.

In the 2nd Oester would triple with 2 outs and Van Gorder would follow him with a single and Oester would score to make it 1-0. In the 4th the Reds would out 3 runs on the board to make it 4-0. With 1 out Concepcion would single, Oester would walk and it's now 1st & 2nd. Browning would deliver a 2 out single that would score Concepcion. Davis would follow with a triple scoring Oester and Browning.

In the 8th the Braves would cut the Reds lead in half. Washington would lace a 1 out single to right, Zuvella singles, Murphy bloops a single into right and Washington scores. Horner would also single scoring Zuvella and that would end Brownings day. Franco would come in a get Chambliss to groundout to Oester and that would end the threat.

The Reds would pad their lead in the 9th with an Esasky leadoff double and Oester would single wiyh 1 out and Esasky scores. The Braves couldn't do anything in the 9th and Franco would pick up his 3rd save.

The Reds sweep the Braves outscoring them 16-7 and the Braves have now lost 4 in a row.

The Final Score 5-2 Reds