April 18, 1985 Game 98: Orioles (2-5) at Indians (3-6)

The big bats came out tonight.  Pitching came at a premium as the starters were wildly ineffective. Storm Davis would take the hill for the Orioles and Ramon Romero would make his 1st start of the season for the Indians.

The Indians would jump out to an early lead as they would put up a 5 spot in the 1st. Butler leads off with a triple and would score on a Franco single. Hall singles and Franco advances to 3rd. Tabler singles and that scores Franco.  Jacoby doubles and that scores Hall, Bando singles and that scores Tabler.  Bernazard doubles and that scores Jacoby. 

The Orioles strike back with 4 in the 2nd.  Young crushes a Romero fastball for a 2 run home run.  With 2-outs Rayford takes a Romero fastball over the wall for a 2 run homer.  The score is now 5-4.

The Orioles tie it up in the 3 when Gross is issued a leadoff walk and Lynn walks with 1-out. Sheets singles with 2-outs and that scores Gross.  The Indians get it back and then some.  Carter is issued a 1-out walk, Jacoby doubles and Bando walks to load the bases.  Bernazard doubles and that would score Carter and Jacoby.  Butler singles and that would score Bando and Bernazard the score is now 9-5.

In the 4th with 1 out Connally would double, Gross with single with 2-outs and that would score Connally.  Ripken would then hit a 2 run homer to make it 9-8. In the 5th Sheets will walk, Sakata singles, Connally doubles and that scores Sheets, Sakata will hold at 3rd.  Lacy hits a SACFLY to Butler and that makes it 10-9 Orioles.

The Indians would take the lead back in 5th with 1 out when Franco pops a 3 run homer on a Davis curveball.  The score is now 12-10.  In the 6th Carter would take a Dixon fastball for a ride and make it 14-10 with a 2 run homer.  The Indians would add another in the 7th.  Butler singles, Franco singles, Butler would hold at 3rd.  Hall would hit a SACFLY to Lynn to score Butler. Now its 15-10

Curt Wardle would pitch 4 innings of 1 hit relief to earn his 1st save.

The Final Score 15-10