April 21, 1985 Game 134: Red Sox (6-5) at White Sox (5-4)

The Red Sox are starting to get some decent pitching this season. The offense has been on fire since game 1.  The White Sox are starting to play like everyone expected average.  The Red Sox send Roger Clemens to the mound some say he is the future of the franchise.  While the White Sox counter with Gene Nelson.

The Red Sox break the game open in the 1st as the would light up Gene Nelson.  Boggs and Evans walk, Rice singles, Boggs scores and Evans move to 3rd.  Easler grounds-out to Fletcher and Evans scores.  Armas singles to make it 1st and 2nd.  With 2 outs Gedman blasts a Nelson slider into the stratosphere for a 3 run homer and its 5-0 Red Sox.

In the 3rd Rice would send Nelson to the showers with a solo homer and Dan Spillner replaces him and its 6-0 Red Sox. In the 6th Boggs triples and will score on a Evans SACFLY to Baines 7-0 Red Sox.  The Redsox would add another in the 8th as Gedman doubles and would later score on a Guiterrez SACFLY.

The Red Sox kept up the hit parade in the 9th as Jim Rice hits his 2nd homer of the day and his 7th of the season to give the Red Sox a 10-0 lead.  Roger Clemens was brilliant today as he allowed 5 hits and 4 walks while striking out 10 to get his 2nd win of the season.

The Final Score 10-0 Red Sox