April 23, 1985 Game 169: Royals (6-6) at Blue Jays (8-5)

The Blue Jays won the first game of this series and want to get on top in the East.  Doyle Alexander heads to the mound and he is undefeated.  He faces Bud Black who hasn't received a lot of run support. 

The Blue Jays strike first in the first.  Garcia singles and steals 2nd and advances to 3rd on a Sundberg throwing error.  Fernandez hits a SACFLY to left and Garcia Scores and it is 1-0 Blue Jays.

In the 3rd the Jays add to their lead.  Garcia singles, Moseby walks, Fernandez bounces into a 6-4 FC and Garcia advances to 3rd.  A passed ball by Sundberg and Garcia scores and now its 2-0 Blue Jays.

In the 7th the Blue Jays break the game open. Burroughs walks, Upshaw singles and Martinez walks to load the bases.  Iorg hits a SACFLY to Center and and Burroughs scores.  Garcia singles to reload the bases.  Moseby doubles scoring Upshaw and Martinez.  Fernandez singles, Garcia and Moseby score to make it 7-0 Blue Jays.

In the 8th the Royals finally get a run off of Alexander as Sundberg singles, Concepcion singles, Wilson follows that with a single and Sundberg scores and its 7-1 Blue Jays.  The Blue Jays add to their lead in the bottom of the 8th.  Burroughs singles, Upshaw singles, Iorg Singles and Burroughs scores. Garcia singles to load the bases, Moseby singles and Upshaw scores.  Fernandez Hits a deep fly ball to right and Iorg scores for a 10-1 Blue Jays lead.

In the 9th the Royals get one more to make it 10-2.  Pryor walks, Sundberg singles, Concepcion singles and the bases are loaded.  A passedball by Martinez scores Pryor.

The Final Score 10-2 Blue Jays