April 24, 1985 Game 170: Athletics (6-8) at Angels (9-5)

The Angels are looking to be the first team to win ten games and the were halted in that goal yesterday as the A's clobbered the Angels 10-4.  The Angels look to Ron Romanick to achieve this goal and the A's send Chris Codiroli to stop them.

The A's get 2 in the 4th when Bochte hits 2-2 slider for a 2 run homer.  The Angels tie it up in the 5th. Boone singles, Pettis singles, Carew singles to load the bases.  Jackson hits a 2-out single to score boone and Pettis and it tied at 2.

That is where the score would stay until the 14th.  Schofield is hit by Ontiveros, Boone reaches due to an error on Hill.  Carew bloops a 1-out single to score Schofield and the game is over.

The Final Score 3-2 Angels