April 28, 1985 Game 219: Braves (7-10) at Astros (6-12)

It's a balmy 71 degrees inside the Astrodome today.  The Astros are set to take on the Braves.  The Astros send Nolan Ryan to the hill and he looks to put some distance betwwen himself and Mario Soto for the league lead in strikeouts.  The Brave send a young Pascual Perez to cool down the Astros offense.

Ryan was sharp early and the Braves were struggling to get anything solid off of him. Perez was also pitching well but the Astros got to him in the 4th.  Cruz singles, Mumphrey doubles and they have runners in scoring position with noboby out.  Bailey hits a 1-out single scoring both runners and the Astros have a 2-0 lead.

The Astros add to their lead in the 7th. Garner is on due to an error by Perez,  Bailey doubles, Reynolds singles scoring Garner and gives the Astros a 3-0 lead. Meanwhile Ryan is cuising along by only surendering 3 hits.  He was walked 4 but the Braves aren't able to do anything with it.

The Astros get 1 more in the 8th.  Walling walks, Mumphrey singles with 1-out and Walling advances to 3rd.  Garner singles scoring Walling and the Astros are up 4-0.  Ryan pitches the 9th without incident and gets his first shutout of the season.

The Final Score 4-0 Astros