April 28, 1985 Game 218: Indians (8-9) at Orioles (4-13)

The Indians and the Orioles are seeing are on the opposite side of how they would start out this season.  The Indians are not expected to win more than 60 games this season have already won 8 and are hitting the ball well.  The Orioles how many thought could win the division have only 4 wins through their first 17 games and they are not hitting and the pitching has been brutal.  Today the Indians give the ball to Tom Waddell and the Orioles go with Storm Davis.

The Orioles jump all on Waddell in the 1st Ripken crushes a 3 run homer and the Orioles are up 3-0.  Waddell would settle down and give his team a chance to win. In the 2nd the Indians get 1 back. DAvis hits Carter, Vukovich walks, Jacoby bounces into a 6-4-3 double play and Carter is on 3rd.  Willard then rips one into the leftfield corner for a double and Carter scores to make it 3-1 Orioles.

The Indians tie it up in the 5th Jacoby and Willard single, Bernazard walks and the bases are loaded with no outs. Butler bouces out to Murray allowing Jacoby to score and the other runners move up.  Hall singles with 2-outs Willard scores and Bernazard is thrown out at home by Dwyer and the inning is over.  The Orioles break that tie in the bottom of the 5th.  Dwyer hits a solo homer to make it 4-3.  Ripken hits a bullet to Franco and he can't handle it and is charged an error.  Lynn hits a 2-out single and Ripken heads to 3rd.  Sheets follows with a single scoring Ripken and the Orioles have a 5-3 lead

The Indians get one in the 6th, Tabler doubles and Jacoby singles with 2-outs to score him and the Orioles are up 5-4.  The Orioles get one more in the 7th. Gross singles, Ripken and Murray walk and the bases are loaded with no outs.  Lynn hits a slow roller to 3rd and Jacoby's only play is to 1st and Gross scores and the Orioles lead it 6-4.

The Orioles bring Aase in for the 9th and he finally doesn't blow a save to earn his 1st of the season.  Joe Altobelli was asked after the game if he had any concerns bringing Aase how blew his 1st 3 save chances.  Altobelli responded with this. "No, Don is are guy in save situations.  At this point he needs to know that I trust him to get the job done.  Now that the 1st one is done,  maybe those butterflies are gone."

The Final Score 6-4 Orioles .