April 28, 1985 Game 228: Angels (12-6) at Mariners (7-11)

The Angles are looking to widen the gap between 1st and 2nd place as they take on the Mariners today.  They will send Kirk McCaskill out to face Bill Swift.

In the 1st the Angels get a run.  Pettis singles and steals 2nd, Carew singles and Pettis scores. Two batters in and the Angels are on the board.  The Angels add to their lead in the 3rd.  Schofield doubles, Pettis drops down a SAC bunt and Schofield advances to 3rd.  Carew bounces into a 6-3 FC and Schofield scores to make it 2-0 Angels.

In the 4th Jackson and Jones draw walks, DeCinces singles to load the bases.  Narron nounces into a 4-3 FC and Jackson scores to make it 3-0.  They add one more in the 5th to make it 4-0.  Pettis doubles,  Jackson rips a double to score Pettis.  In the 6th the Mariners get on the board with back to back homers from Davis and Thomas to make it 4-2.  Moore works the 9th for his 6th save.

The Final Score 4-2 Angels