May 4, 1985 Game 285: Astros (8-14) at Phillies (8-13)

It must be a day for bad baseball and the Phillies and the Astros helped contribute to the cause.  This game provide lots walks, homeruns, and errors.  Steve Carlton would walk 5 in the 1st 2 innings and 8 for the game,  but luckily for him the Astros offense is so inept they can't take advantage of it.  The Philles would hit 5 homeruns, 4 of them would come in the 2nd inning.  There were 7 errors in this game, 5 by the Astros.  It was like watching a bunch of six year olds chase the ball.

In the 1st Garner hits a 2-out bases load double scoring 2 and the Astros are up 2-0.  The Phillies crush Mike Scott in the bottom of the inning.  Foley hits a 2 run homer.  Maddox hits a Grand Slam, Schmidt follows Maddox with a solo shot, 2 batters later Virgil hits a 2 run homer and the Phillies lead it 9-2.

In the 4th Crus singles with the bases loaded scoring Doran.  Garner then delivers a bases loaded SACFLY to score Bass and it is now 9-4.  In the bottom of the 4th Wilson gives the Phillies a 10-4 lead on a solo homer.  In the 5th the Phillies and 2 more, Virgil is safe at 2nd on Cruz's 2BE and that allows 2 runs to score and it is now 12-4.

The Final Score 12-4