May 10, 1985 Game 347: Cardinals (18-9) at Giants (10-17)

The Giants take on the 1st place Cardinals at Candlestick park today.  The Giants send Jim Gott to the hill and he has been very good so far and the Cardinals counter with Kurt Kepshire.

The Giants hit Kepshire hard in the 1st.  They have the bases loaded with 1-out and Brown Singles scoring Green and the Giants have the early lead 1-0.  THe cardinals tie it up in the 3rd.  Coleman draws a 2-out walk and steals 2nd.  Landrum then doubles and Coleman scores easily and it is a 1-1 game.  But the Giants take advantage of a miscue in the bottom of the 3rd, with runners on 1st and 2nd Youngblood hits a deep flyball to center that the speedy McGee Almost catches up to and it hits off of his glove and deflects toward left both runners score and Youngblood is standing on 3rd.  Brenly then hits into a 4-3 groundout and Youngblood scores to make it 4-1 Giants.

THe Cardinals make it 4-2 when they have runners on 1st and 2nd and DeJesus hits a routine grounder to Trillo and he throws it away and is charged a 2BE and Pendleton scores.  The Giants aren't satisfied with a 2 run lead and Davis hits his 1st homer of the season and puts the game out of reach with his 3 run shot to make it 7-2 Giants.

The Cardinals get 1 more in the 9th as they had runners on 2nd and 3rd and Smith hits a SACFLY to center scoring Nieto and that makes it 7-3 Giants and Gott picks up the complete game win.

The Final Score 7-3 Giants