May 12, 1985 Game 366: Tigers (16-10) at White Sox (12-13)

The White Sox and the Tigers will battle it out at Comisky Park.  It will be Gene Nelson taking on Dan Petry and one of them will not get out of the 1st.

In the 1st Trammell walks, Gibson triples and Trammell scores, Parrish singles and Gibson scores. Herndon and Grubb single to load the bases.  Garbey hits a Grand Slam and the Tigers are up 6-0 and Nelson heads to the showers.

In the 4th the Tigers get another run.  Whitaker walks, Gibson singles and Whitaker advances to 3rd, Gibson steals 2nd.  Parrish then hits a deep flyball to right and Whitaker scores to make it a 7-0 Tigers lead.  Dan Petry goes the distance to pick up the shutout.

The Final Score 7-0 Tigers