May 12, 1985 Game 365: Pirates (12-16) at Dodgers (18-13)

The Dodgers take on the Pirates at Dodger Stadium today and it will be Rick Honeycutt vs Lee Tunnell.  The Pirates are scuffling as of late and the Dodgers are hitting their stride.

In the 1st Guerrero hit a 2-out 2 run homer and the Dodgers are up 2-0.  The Pirates get a run back in the 6th.  Ray hits a 1-out triple and he would score on Morrison's SACFLY to center and it is 2-1 Dodgers.  The Dodgers get that run back in the bottom of the inning.  Marshall triples, Cabell hits a 2-out double and Marshall scores and it is 3-1 Dodgers.

In the 7th the Dodgers and to their lead.  Sax is safe at third after a single and a 2BE on Kemp.  Duncan hits a SACFLY to center and Sax scores.  Guerrero hits a solo home run and that makes it 5-1 Dodgers.  The Dodgers add to their lead in the 8th.  Scioscia doubles, Cabell doubles and Scioscia scores.  Yeager singles and that scores Cabell.  Duncan singles and Yeager advances to 3rd.  Madlock singles scoring Duncan and it is now 8-1 Dodgers.  

The Final Score Dodgers 8-1