June 2, 1985: Royals (29-19) at White Sox (21-25)

At COMISKEY PARK the Kansas City Royals outscored the Chicago White Sox in 10 innings 5 to 2.

The game was deadlocked at 2 after nine full innings. Finally, Kansas City prevailed in the 10th inning. Jim Sundberg kicked off the action when he smashed a solo-shot out of the park. Onix Concepcion came next and he ripped a one-base hit. Willie Wilson then stroked a single. Lonnie Smith followed next and he ripped a single. One out later, Omar Moreno stepped in and he hit a deep fly. Frank White dug into the batters box next, but he struck out. Kansas City had 7 hits for the afternoon.

The victory went to Bret Saberhagen(7-2) who went 9 innings, allowing 2 runs. Dan Quisenberry earned the save, his 13th. Floyd Bannister(2-7) was charged with the loss. He was stingy with the baserunners, allowing just 6 hits and 1 walk in 9 innings.