June 8, 1985: Rangers (24-29) at A's (20-33)

Rob Picciolo blasted a homerun at OAKLAND COLISEUM as the Oakland Athletics beat the Texas Rangers 7 to 6. 

Oakland scored the decisive runs in a big 8th inning scoring 2 runs utilizing 2 base hits. Picciolo led off and got things going when he singled. Mike Heath struck out, unable to help the rally. Dave Collins then drew a walk. One out later, Alfredo Griffin came to the plate and delivered a one-base hit. Texas had a chance to come back in the 9th but they came up short. 

Steve McCatty(1-2) allowed no runs in 2 innings, and picked up the victory. The losing pitcher was Greg Harris(2-2) in relief. Bobby Valentine was subdued when questioned after the game, 'Sure, this kind of loss takes a while to get over, but heck, we're all professionals. We've been through this many times - it's the nature of the game. We'll be fine - as for me - I'll be ready to go again tomorrow!'