June 14, 1985: Mets (36-22) at Expos (27-33)

In a dramatic ending, the Montreal Expos staged a comeback win over the New York Mets by the count of 5 to 4. 

Montreal scored the winning runs in the bottom of the 9th inning with 3 runs on 2 hits. Tim Wallach led off the inning for Montreal when he reached on an error. Herm Winningham came next and he smacked a single. One out later, Doug Frobel was the next batter, but he struck out. Tim Raines followed and he popped a two-run clout over the fence. Montreal won despite being out-hit by New York 11 hits to 8. 

The victory went to Bert Roberge(1-0) who went 1 inning, allowing no runs. Jesse Orosco(2-2) was the loser in relief. 'What a win!', Roberge said. 'These are the kind of games that stand out in your mind at the end of a season.'