July 30, 1985: Astros (47-53) at Reds (54-45)

Ron Oester had 3 base hits and 2 RBI as the Cincinnati Reds bested the Houston Astros 8 to 5 at Crosley Field. 

John Stuper(10-6) pitched well for Cincinnati in their victory. He went 8 and 1/3 innings allowing 4 hits and 3 walks. Houston had a chance in the 9th but they came up short. 

Mike Scott(5-12) was the loser. He pitched 7 innings and surrendered 11 hits and 1 walk. Pete Rose was beaming after the game, 'Not only were we making good contact, but a lot of balls we hit seemed to have 'eyes'! I just love winning these tight ones! It was just our evening - no doubt about it!'