August 9, 1985: Braves (34-74) at Giants (47-62)

Steve Bedrosian dominated striking out 10 San Francisco batters as the Atlanta Braves defeated the San Francisco Giants 7 to 2 at CANDLESTICK PARK. 

Bedrosian(3-17) earned his pay with a solid performance for Atlanta. He went 8 and 2/3 innings surrendering 8 hits and 2 walks and served up 2 'big flies'. Atlanta totaled 10 hits on the night. 

Dave Lapoint(4-13) was hit with the loss. Bedrosian, when asked about his 10 strikeout performance noted, 'The important thing is that we won, if I get 20 and we lose, what good does it do our team? But, on the other hand, since we won it feels great!'