April 11, 1985 Game 27: Indians at Tigers

Great game at Tiger Stadium today. It was a classic pitchers dual between two unlikely starters. Don Schulze of the Indians and Walt Terrell of the Tigers.

The Indians would get the board first. They would get their lone run in the 3rd. Willard and Bernazard would Single and Butler would split the outfielders and get a Double scoring Willard. That would be the only runs and hits that the Indians would get. Terrell was brilliant the rest of the game.

The Tigers would get one in the 6th. Whitaker would Double and Trammell would SAC him over to 3rd. Gibson would hit hit a long flyball to right that would score Whitaker and the score was now tied 1-1. They wouldget another in the 8th. Brookens would Single and would advance to 2nd on a Whitaker Single and would score on a Gibson Single giving the Tigers a 2-1 lead.

Willie Hernandez would close out the 9th with his 1st save.

The Final Score 2-1 Tigers