April 12, 1985 Game 45: Yankees (1-2) at Indians (1-2)

The Yankees and Indians were looking to get to .500 early in the seaon. The Yankees would send Ron Guidry to the hill and Jamie Easterly would pitch for the Indians.

The Yankees would score first in the 1st. A winfield single would score Henderson and sthe Yankees were up 1-0. The Indians would get even when Guidry would walk Hargrove with the bases load and Franco would score. We are now tied at 1.

In the 3rd the Yankees would get another when a hard hit grounder by Winfield would score Randolph. They would get 1 more in the 4th as Henderson would hit a SAC FLY to Castillo that would score Berra. It's now 3-0 Yankees.

The Indians would self destruct in the 7th by giving up 8 runs. Wardle was the main culprit by giving up 7 runs in a third of an inning. Mattingly would double scoring Robertson. Winfield singles scores Mattingly, A Berra double score Winfield and Griffey. An error by Castillo would score Berra, Henderson would double scoring Meachem. A Robertson single would score Henderson and the Yankees are uo 11-1. Guidry would finish the game and earn the win.

The Final Score 11-1 Yankees