April 13, 1985 Game 43: White Sox (1-1) vs Red Sox (2-1)

Great game at Fenway Park today. in the end Tessie would not be sung. THe lead in this would change hands a few times. Gene Nelson was on the mound for the White Sox and Oil Can Boyd making his second start for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox would get on the board first in the 3rd. With the bases loaded Evans would hit a ball deep enough to Kittle in left to score Barrett. A Rice single would score Gutierrez and they are up 2-0.

The White Sox would get 2 in the 4th to tie the gane. A Kittle double would score Paciorek, and a Salazar double would score Kittle. The score now is 2-2. Gedman would take Nelson deep and the Red Sox would regain the lead 3-2.

In the 5th the White Sox would regain the lead. A paciorek double would score Hill and Guillen would hold at 3rd not willing to test Armas' arm. That move would pay off as Walker would double and Guillen and Paciorek would score and it is now 5-3.

The Red Sox would close the gap in the 6th, Buckner would hit a SAC FLY to Kittle and Rice would score and it is now 5-4. Baines would homer (his 3rd) in the 7th to put the White Sox up 6-4 and that is where the scoring would end.

The Red Sox would threaten in the 9th by getting the first to hitters on but James would get the next three hitters to get the save.

Gene Nelson did just enough to win in this one by allowing 8 hits and 4 runs in 7 IP. Boyd was hit hard he would give up 10 hits and 5 runs in 6 IP.

The Final Score 6-4 White Sox