April 16, 1985 Game 82: White Sox (3-2) at Yankees (3-2)

The Yankees are the favorite to win the east but in their first 5 games they have been inconsistent and sloppy. The seem to play better with Rickey Henderson in the lineup. But for some reason Yogi Berra isn't playing him everyday. Today he start Henry Cotto in CF and Henderson would ride the pine.

The White Sox are also looking for some consistency. The offense has been solid but the pitching has struggled outside of Tom Seaver. Today Joel Davis would go up against Ed Whitson. Whitson is coming off a mediocre start and Davis is making his 1st start of the season.

In the 1st the White Sox would add to Whitsons misery and they would put up a 3 spot with 2 outs. Baines would double with 2 outs an error by Berra on a Walker groundball would advance Baines to 3rd. Fisk will double scoring scoring Baines and Walker would hold at 3rd. Kittle would round out the scoring with a single that would score Fisk and Walker and at the end of the 1st its 3-0 White Sox.

In the 3rd Fisk would poke his 3rd Home Run of the season to make 4-0. In the 7th Guillen would make it 5-0 with his 1st Home Run of the year and in the 9th Kittle would hit his 1st Home Run of the year to make it 6-0.

Joel Davis tossed a gem as Yankee hitters could not figure him out. He had pinpoint control but was not overpowering. A constant mixture of fastballs and breaking balls kept them off balance.

The Final Score 6-0 White Sox