April 17, 1985 Game 91: Red Sox (3-4) at Royals (4-2)

The Red Sox come into KC with the worst pitching staff and the best offense.  The Royals hoping to expose them both.  They would send Charlie Leibrandt to the hill and Al Nipper would get his 1st start of the season.

In the 2nd Armas would hit a 1 out double, Buckner would follow with a single and Armas will score to make it 1-0.  The Royals would take the lead in the 3rd.  Sundberg would be walked, Biancalana would single and Sundberg holds at 2nd. Wilson doubles and Sundberg will score.  White would then hit a SACFLY to Rice and Biancalana would score.

In the 4th Armas would double with 1 out and advances to 3rd on a Buckner single.  Gedman would hit a dribbler fielded by Sundberg and he goes to 1st with it and Armas scores to tie the game.

In the 5th the Red Sox would take the lead for good as they score twice.  Boggs leads off with a walk 2 outs later Easler hits one to left that Motley cannot handle and its a 2BE.  Armas then hits one to left and Motkey cannot handle that one either and its another 2BE and Boggs and Easler score.

The Red Sox would add to their lead in the 6th. Gedman is issued a leadoff walk, with 1 out Guiterrez singles and Gedman moves to 3rd, then Boggs hits a SACFLY to Sheridan and that scores Gedman to make the score 5-2 Red Sox.

Buckner went 3-4 with an RBI
Biancalana went 2-2 with a run scored

The Final Score 5-2 Red Sox