April 17, 1985 Game 92: Astros (2-6) at Dodgers (5-3)

The strugging Astros are looking to right the ship as they take the red hot Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. They would send Mike Scott to face off against Rick Honeycutt.

It was a pitchers dual for most of the game and Honeycutt appeared to be more dominant. Both pitchers would finally run into trouble in the 7th.

The Astros would score first. Honeycutt would issue a 1-out walk to Cruz and then Mumprey would double outting runners on 2nd and 3rd. Davis would then hit a Honeycutt slider into the stands for a 3 run Homer and it's 3-0 Astros. The Dodgers would get 2 of those runs back. Madlock would draw a walk, Guerrero would then hit one to the gap that Bass looked like he would get but would end dropping it and that would be a 2BE. Marshall would double and both runners would score to make it 3-2 Astros.

The Astros would extend their lead to 4-2 on a Thon solo home run his 2nd of the year. The Dodgers would start to roll in the bottom half of the inning where they would knock out Scott. Duncan would single, Russell singles sending Duncan to 3rd. Madlock would bounce into a 6-4 FC, should have been a doubleplay but thon toss to Doran was to far off the bag for him to make the throw to 1st and Duncan would score. Guerrero would double and Madlock holds at 3rd. Marshall follows with a single and Both runners score. Scioscia doubles and Marshall holds at 3rd. Cabell doubles and both runners score and now the Dodgers are up 7-4.

The Final Score 7-4 Dodgers