April 17, 1985 Game 95: Mariners (3-5) at Athletics (3-5)

April 17, 1985 Game 95: Mariners (3-5) at Athletics (3-5)
The Mariners and A's split the first 2 games of this series. The A's offense is struggling as is the Mariners pitching so this should make for an interesting game.  It would be Matt Young vs Don Sutton.

The Mariners get on the board early as Perconte leads off the game with a walk, Bradley singles and Perconte holds at 2nd, Henderson singles and that scores Perconte and Bradley holds at 3rd.  Cowens singles and that scores Bradley and it is 2-0 Mariners.

in the 5th the Mariners would add to their lead as Perconte doubles and then Phelps hits a Sutton slider for a 2 run homer to make it 4-0 Mariners.

The A's would finally get on the board in the 8th as Young would walk Murphy with 2- outs, Kingman doubles and Baker follows that with a single that score both Murphy and Kingman.  A heath single sends Baker to 3rd and Davis doubles to score Baker the score is 4-3 Mariners.  Nunez works the 9th without incident to earn his first save

The Final Score 4-3 Mariners