April 17, 1985 Game 96: Expos (2-4) at Cardinals (4-2)

The Cardinals are starting to play well and the Expos are starting to dwindle.  It's early in the year I know but it looks like things are starting to fall into place.  The Expos would send Joe Hesketh out to face John Tudor.  The Expos couldn't contain the Cardinal offense.  Clark and Nieto would lead the way.

In the 1st the Cardinals would explode for 4 runs.  Pendleton would get a 1-out single, Landrum would walk, Clark would double and Pendleton would score.  Cedeno would walk and that would load the bases. Nieto would get a 2-out single and Landrum scores. Hesketh would walk Smith with the bases loaded scores Clark, Tudor would also draw a walk and that would score Cedeno.  The Cardinals lead 4-0.

In the 3rd the Cardinals would erupt for 8 more runs and no Expos pitcher could contain them.  Van Slyke would get on due to an error on Law.  Nieto singles, and Smith is hit by a pitch.  Tudor walks and that would score Van Slyke.  Pendleton smokes a 1-out double and that scores Nieto and Smith.  Landrum draws a walk to loads the bases.  Clark doubles and that would score Tudor and Pendleton and it is now 9-0.  Cedeno follows with a triple and that scores Landrum and Clark.  Nieto rips a 2-out single and that scores Cedeno to make it 12-0.

The Expos get on the board in the 4th when  Dawson takes a Tudor curveball and deposits it into the leftfield seats for a 2-run homer to make it 12-2.  Dawson singles with 1-out, brokks follows with a single and Dawson heads to 3rd,  Wohlford bloops one over Herr's head and that would score Dawson.  and that makes it 12-3.  In the 8th Cedeno would double and scores on Nieto's 1-out single.

Tudor would work the 9th without incident to get the complete game.

The Final Score 13-3 Cardinals