April 18, 1985 Game 102: Angels (5-3) at Twins (5-3)

It's early in the season and the Twins and Angels are fighting for first place. Kirk McCaskill would start for the Angels and Ken Schrom for the Twins. Its a cool 74 degrees in the Metrodome and a slight breeze heading out to right.

The Twins would score first Teufel would leadoff with a double, Laudner would single and Teufel would hold at 3rd. Puckett would hit a SACFLY to left and Teufel scores and it's 1-0 Twins. The Twins would get 3 more in the 5th to make the score 4-0. Puckett triples and Hrbek singles to score him. Brunansky would then step and hit a 2 run homer his 3rd of the year.

Ken Schrom is pitching a gem up until about the 6th where he would start to labor. Garber singles, Pettis singles, Carew walks to load the bases. Downing walks and that forces in Garber and Schrom is sent to the showers and Pete Filson takes over. Jackson flies out deep to center and that scores Pettis and that cuts the Twins lead in half.

In the 8th The Angels would take the lead on a Reggie Jackson 3 run Home Run and its 5-4 Angels. In the bottom half in of the inning an unlikely Hero continues his amazing season, Tim Teufel homers off of Kirk McCaskill to tie the game at 5 and McCaskill is taken out for Stu Cliburn.

In the 10th DeCinces draws a 1 out walk, Narron singles, Jones singles and Downing races around 3rd to score, Grich hits a SACFLY to left and Narron scores easily and that makes it 7-5 Angels. Donnie Moore takes over for the Angles but the Twins were impressed. Gagne gets a 1-out single, Washington doubles and Gagne stops at 3rd, Teufel singles and Gagne scores., Washington on his horse tries to score from 2nd but is gunned down at the plate. Moore strikesout Laudner and the Angels hang on for the win.

The Final Score 7-6 Angels