April 18, 1985 Game 104: White Sox (4-2) at Yankees (3-3)

The White Sox would start Floyd Bannister and the Yankees would start Dennis Rasmussen. I am confused by Yogi Berra's insistance on not starting Rickey Henderson. Instead he has been staring Henry Cotto. He is also staring his son Dale instead of Mike Pagliarulo. The only difference is Dale Berra is hitting the ball whereas Cotto is still hitless.

In the 2nd they would exchange runs. Fisk doubles and Kittle singles and Fisk stops at 3rd. Walker hits a SACFLY to right and Fisk scores. Bannister walks Cotto with 2 out, Randolf singles, Meachem singles and Cotto rounds 3rd and scores easily and at the end of 1 its 1-1.

In the 4th Kittle hits a solo homer and it's 2-1 White Sox, In the 5th Baylor ties it up with a solo shot of his own and the end of 5 it's 2-2.

in the 9th Winfield hits a 2 out double, Baylor steps up and hits a 1-1 curve for a single and Winfield scores and the Yankees win.

The Final Score 3-2 Yankees