April 18, 1985 Game 105: Rangers (3-4) at Blue Jays (4-4)

Jimmy Williams is hoping to get a great start out of his ace Dave Steib and Doug Rader would give Jeff Russell his first major league start. Both pitchers would not disappoint. Errors would be the Rangers downfall. Stieb wasn't his sharpest as he would give up 7 hits and 6 walks. But he would big outs when he needed them and the Rangers would be unable to capitalize on his mistakes.

The Rangers would get their runs early as they would score 2 in the first. O'Brien hits a 1 out double, Ward follows with a double and O'Brien scores. An error by Garcia on a Parrish grounder allows him to reach and Ward moves over to 3rd. McDowell then singles and Ward scores and at the end of 1 it's 2-0 Rangers.

Russell runs into some trouble in the 6th and gives the Blue Jays the lead. Upshaw hits a 2-out single, Martinez singles and Upshaw heads to 3rd. Fernandez hits a little dribbler to 3rd, Buechele pounces on it and throws it away allowing Upshaw to score. Martinez holds at 2nd and it's now 1st and 2nd. Garcia singles and Martinez scores and Fernandez heads to 3rd. A wild pitch by Russell scores Fernandez and its now 3-2 Blue Jays.

In the 7th the Blue Jays would add to their lead. An error by Ward and Upshaw is on 2nd. Martinez walks, Garcia singles to right and that scores Upshaw and Martinez heads to 3rd. Iorg bounces into a 4-3 FC and Martinez scores to make it 5-2.

The Final Score 5-2 Blue Jays