April 19, 1985 Game 106: Mariners (4-5) at Angels (6-3)

The Mariners are playing surprisingly well early in the season, despite their losing record.  The will send Mike Moore to the hill who has 2 of the teams 4 wins and he is aiming to quiet the Angels bats.  The Angels will counter with Ron Romanick as he tries to keep the Angels from falling to the ground.

The Angles kick off the scoring in the 3rd.  Schofield singles, Pettis bunts and advances the runner to 2nd.  DeCinces singles and that would score Schofield.  That would be all the Angels could muster as Moore was sharp for the rest of the game.

Romanick did not bring his a game and he gave up a few hits and walks, the Mariners were also helped by a couple of fielding blunders that led to runs.  The Mariners would take the lead in the 4th when Thomas would be issued a walk and 1 out later Presley would hit a 2 run bomb for a 2-1 Mariners lead.

In the 6th is where the Mariners would knock Romanick for the game.  Thomas hits his 2nd homer of the year to make it 3-1.  Cowens would get to 2nd on a 2BE by Beniquez next up would be Presley and he would hit a dribbler in front of the plate and Boone would throw it away and Cowens would hold at 3rd.  A Scott single scores Cowens and Presley heads to 3rd. Owens follows Scott with a single and Presley scores to make it 5-1.  Pat Clements would come into the game and get the final out.

The Final Score 5-1 Mariners