April 19, 1985 Game 111: Cubs (4-4) at Expos (3-5)

The Cubs and the Expos are scuffling a bit as both pitching and hitting are seemingly avoiding them both. Rick Sutcliffe will take on Bryn Smith in the Battle of staff aces.

The Cubs score 1 in the 2nd on a Davis home run his 2nd of the year. They would get another in the 3rd. Sandberg walks and Bosley doubles and Sandberg holds at 3rd. A passed ball on Fitzgerald and Sandberg scoots home and its 2-0 Cubs.

The Expos get 1 in the 6th. Winningham singles and steals 2nd moves over to 3rd on a Davis passed ball. Francona hits a SACFLY to Dernier and Winningham score and now its 2-1. The Cubs would make it 4-1 in the 7th as Davis singles, Dunston singles and Sutcliffe drops down a bunt and both runners move up. Sandberg doubles and both runners score.

In the 8th the Expos get another run. Raines singles and steals 2nd and heads to 3rd on Davis's throwing error. Francona singles scoring Raines.

In the 9th the Cubbies bring in Lee Smith to close it out, but the Expos had other plans. Davis 2nd error of the game started it off and Wallach is on, Law walks, Webster comes in to pinch hit for Lucas and splits the outfielders in right-center for a triple scoring Wallach and Law to tie the game. Winningham singles and Webster scores and the game is over.

The Final Score 5-4 Expos