April 19, 1985 Game 112: Rangers (3-5) at Brewers (4-3)

If you were to ask me who is the best pitcher on the Rangers staff? I would not have said Dave Rozema, But alas in the first 2 weeks of the seaon and 4 outings later Rozema is the best. He would take the mound again today and he face Pete Vuckovich for the Brewers.

In the 1st Tollseon his a 2 out single of of Vuckovich and O'Brien triple and its 1-0 Rangers. Rozema looked like he would be in for a long day when he gives up the lead in the bottom half of the inning. A 1 out single by Yount followed by a double by Cooper and its 2nd and 3rd. Householder comes up and smacks a single scoring both runners and it's 2-1 Brewers.

The Rangers would break the game open in the 2nd as Vuckovich left to many pitches over the heart of the plate. McDowell leads off with single and steals 2nd, Slaught walks and Wilkerson singles to score McDowell. Harrah walks to load the bases, Ward singles and scores Slaught. Tolleson singles and McDowell and Harrah score. Harrah bounce into a 2-3 FC and Ward comes in to score to make 6-2 Rangers.

In the 4th the rangers would add to their lead as Ward leads off with a walk, Tolleson singles and Parrish follows that with a single and Ward scores. Then an error on Vuckovich allaows Tolleson to score and Vuckovich would be taken out and Ted Higuera comes in to stop the bleeding. Vuckovich just left to many pitches over the heart of the plate. The score is 8-2

In the 6th the Rangers aided by an error would get 2 more to make it 10-2. Tollseon hits a 1-out single , then O'Brien doubles and it is 2nd and 3rd 1 out. Parrish hits one in the gap and Householder looked like he a had a bead on it, but it hits off his glove and rolls to the wall and Tolleson and O'Brien score.

Rozema departs after 6 innings and Dave Stewart takes over. The Brewers are able to get a couple in the 9th as Stewart can't shut the door. Molitor get a single with 1-out. Yount singles and Molitor heads to 3rd. Cooper hits a SACFLY to right and Molitor scores. Simmons singles and Yount holds at 3rd. Householder then singles at that score Yount to make it 10-4

The Final Score 10-4