April 19, 1985 Game 115: Dodgers (6-4) at Padres (4-4)

The Dodgers were looking to bounce back after a 4-3 loss yesterday and they would send Jerry Reuss to the hill to go up against LaMarr Hoyt.

The Dodgers get to Hoyt right away in the 1st as Duncan gets hit by a pitch from Hoyt, he would then steal 2nd. Landreaux singles and Duncan scores easily. Marshall singles and Landreaux advances to 3rd. Scioscia doubles and Landreaux scores and it is 2-0 Dodgers. The Padres get one back in the bottom half of the inning when Garvey singles and McReynolds singles and Garvey heads to 3rd. Kennedy singles and Garvey scores to make it 2-1.

In the 2nd the Dodgers get another run. Russell leads off with a single and Reuss lays down a bunt and Russel advances to 2nd. Landreaux singles and Russell scores and its now 3-1 Dodgers.

The pitchers settle in and the scoring stops until the 7th when the Padres get another run off of Reuss. Ramirez singles, Bevacqua hits a sharp grounder to 3rd and Madlock can't handle it and he is charge with an error. Gwynn singles and Ramirez scores and it's 3-2 Dodgers.

In the 9th Niedenfur comes in to close it out but he runs into some trouble. Flannery draws a 2 out walk and Gwynn doubles and it is 2nd and 3rd. Garvey doubles and both runners score to make it 4-3 and the Padres win the game.

The Final Score 4-3 Padres