April 19, 1985 Game 116: Twins (5-4) at Athletics (3-6)

The Twins and A's would do battle in front of 12,556 fans at the Coliseum today. The A's are struggling out of the gate which accounts for the low attendance. The Twins hand the ball to Frank Viola and The A's look to Chris Codiroli.

The A's get 1 in the 1st when Collins singles and steals 2nd, Murphy doubles and Collins scores and its 1-0 A's. Brunansky ties it up in the 4th when he takes a Codiroli fastball and goes the other way with it and it drops into the rightfield seats for a home run.

The Twins take the lead in the 7th when Gaetti doubles, Gagne bounces out to Kingman and Gaetti moves up to 3rd. Teufel hits a nubber in front of the plate and he throws it into the dirt and Kingman can't scoop it and Heath is charged with an error and Gaetti scores to make it 2-1.

Ron Davis comes in and closes the door for his 4th save.

The Final Score 2-1 Twins