April 19, 1985 Game 117: Pirates (6-2) at Cardinals (5-3)

The 1st place Pirates are taking on the 2nd place Cardinals and the Cardinals are looking to get on top of the East. 30, 510 packed Busch Stadium to see if their beloved Cardinals could take down the Pirates. The Cardinals start Joaquin Andujar and the Pirates go with Rick Rhoden.

In the 3rd the Cardinals open the scoring Cedeno walks and steals 2nd, Herr singles and Cedeno scores. The Pirates tie it up in the 4th when Orsulak singles and steals 2nd, Ray singles and Orsulak scores and it's 1-1.

The Pirates take the lead in the 6th. Orsulak singles, Khalifa doubles and Orsulak holds at 3rd. Rhoden singles and Orsulak scores and it's 2-1 Pirates. The Cardinals take the lead in the 7th when Smith singles, Andujar walks, Coleman singles and Smit scores. Cedeno singles and Andujar scores, Coleman to 3rd. Herr bounces out to Ray and Coleman scores to make it 4-2 Cardinals.

The Pirates tie it up in the 8th. Khalifa singles, Kemp pinch hits for scurry and is walked, Ray singles and the bases are loaded. Morrison hits into a 4-3 FC and Khalifa scores. Brown hits one back to Horton who bobbles it and that allows Kemp to score and the score is tied at 4.

In the bottom of the 9th the Cardinals close it out when Herr hits one out to right that Brown drops and he ends up on 2nd. Clark singles and Herr holds at 3rd. Van Slyke hits one deep to center and Herr scores to end the game.

The Final Score 5-4 Cardinals