April 20, 1985 Game 120: Astros (3-7) at Braves (2-7)

Game two of this three game set of the 2 bottom feeders of the NL West.  The Astros looked good in game 1 as they took it by a score of  3-2.  They would look to take the series from the Braves and acheive their first series win.  They would send Joe Niekro up against Pascual Perez.  The Braves are hoping to right the sinking ship and it is only the 2nd week.

The Astros get the scoring started in the 3rd as Perez walks Reynolds, NIekro singles, walling smacks a 2-out single into center and Reynolds scores for a 1-0 Astros lead.  The Braves would take the lead in the 4th. With the bases loaded Niekro throws a 1-1 slider to Chambliss and he tattoos it in the the right-field seats for a grand slam and now the Braves lead it 4-1.

The Astros would slowly chip away at that lead adding runs in the 5th and 6th innings. In the 5th they would get 1 as Niekro singles and advances to 2nd on a Puhl ground-out to first.  Walling doubles and Niekro scores to make it 4-2.  They would add another in the 6th Davis gets on due to a 2BE on Washington, Reynolds then singles with 2 outs and that scores Davis to make it 4-3.

The Astros take the for good in the 7th as the would score 3 runs due to two home runs.  Doran leads off the inning with his 2nd homer of the season to tie it at 4.  Then Cruz would hit a Perez Fastball into the seats for a 2 run homer his 1st of the year and its now 6-4 Astros.

The Braves try an mount a comeback but the Astros hold them off.  In the 8th the Braves get 1. Komminsk get a lead-off walk, Murphy follows with a single and Komminsk goes to 3rd.  Horner then bounces into a 6-4-3 double play and Komminsk scores but the Braves rally is halted.

The Astros get 1 more in the 9th when Cruz singles an error on Ramirez allows Davis to reach.  Reynolds then bloops a single and Cruz scores to make it 7-5.  Smith finishes up the 9th to get his 4th save.

The Final Score 7-5 Astros