April 20, 1985 Game 127: Indians (3-6) at Yankees (5-3)

The Indians and Yankees square off in game two of this series.  The Yankees won game one 2-0 and are looking to take the series.  Keith Creel would start for the Indians and Phil Niekro would to the rubber for the Yankees.

The Indians get the scoring started in the 2nd.  Tabler gets on due to an error by Meachem, Vukovich bounces into a 4-3 FC and Tabler advances to 2nd.  Bando singles and Tabler races home for a 1-0 lead.  The Yankees get that run back in the bottom of the 1st.  Pagliarulo singles with 1-out, Wynegar singles and it is 1st and 2nd.  Robertson singles and Pagliarulo scores and it is now tied at 1.

In the 4th the Yankees take the lead,  Griffey leads off with a double and move uo to 3rd when Pagiarulo bounces into a 4-3 FC.  Wynegar hit one to deep center and Griffey tags up and scores to make 2-1 Yankees.  The Indians would tie it at 2 in the 6th.  Nixon leads off with a double and 2 outs later Tabler doubles and Nixon scores.

The Yankees break the tie as they get 2 in the 7th.  Robertson singles, Henderson walks, Meachem singles and Robertson scores, Henderson stops at 3rd.  a passed ball by Bando allows Henderson to score and it is 4-2 Yankees.  The Yankees make it 5-2 on a Winfield solo homerun.

The Indians try and make a comeback in the 9th.  Ayala pinch hits for Hall make laces a single, Tabler singles and Ayala makes it to 3rd.  Jacoby hits into a 5-4-3 doubleplay and Ayala scores and that makes it 5-3 and the rally halts there and the game is over.

The Final Score is 5-3 Yankees